Add Existing Process

Step 1: To add a process previously entered into TouchStone from the Four Functions list, select “Add Existing Process”.

Step 2: The “Add Existing Process” dialogue box will appear with a drop down box titled “Type”. Click on the down arrow to select Tactical or Strategic process.


Step 3: Then click the box titled “Sub Function”. A second drop down box will appear with Sub Function choices from your Four Key Functions.


Step 4: A list will then appear with the title “Processes”. The first process from that Sub Function will be listed. Click on this down arrow to show all the existing processes in this Sub Function.


Step 5: Choose a process and click “Save”.

(Note: strategic processes usually come from the Guiding the Business function)

To select more than one process, shift + click to select processes in groups

Or use control+click to select multiple processes separately.