Add Existing Process

Step 1: To add a process previously entered into TouchStone from the Four Functions list, select [Add Existing Process].

Step 2: The [Add Existing Process] dialogue box will appear with a drop down box titled [Type]. Click on the down arrow to select Tactical or Strategic process.


Step 3: Then click the box titled [Sub Function]. A second drop down box will appear with Sub Function choices from your Four Key Functions.


Step 4: A list will then appear with the title [Processes]. The first process from that Sub Function will be listed. Click on this down arrow to show all the existing processes in this Sub Function.


Step 5: Choose a process and click [Save].

(Note: strategic processes usually come from the Guiding the Business function)

To select more than one process, shift+click to select processes in groups

Or use control+click to select multiple processes separately.