Step 1: To add a “New Process” to a “Job Description”, select “Add New Process”.

Step 2: You will then see the Add New Process box. Select whether that process is “Strategic” or “Tactical”. This will tell TouchStone where to store the process on the “Job Description”.


Step 3: Enter the name of the process you wish to add in the “Process Title” box. Choose which “Sub Function” in the “Four Functions” list you want the process to be stored. The drop down box will provide the choices for you based on your Sub Functions list.


(Note: Adding a new process from the “Job Description” pages will also save that process in the Four Functions.)


Remember how the “Four Functions” are connected to the “Strategic” or “Tactical” Department on the “Job Descriptions”. If you add a new administrative-like process to the “Manager of Marketing” and “Sales Job Description”, it will be appropriately stored in the “Doing the Business” function under the sub-category “Administrative”.

Step 4: The process will be added to the job description under its appropriate work category, either “Strategic” or “Tactical”.

Step 5: And it will be added to the Four Functions list under the chosen Sub Function.