Introduction: Learn how to add Processes from a Process Library.

Step 1: To add processes from the Process Library, your account will need to be linked to a Process Library account. 

Step 2: Select a library and select which Sub Function you wish to place these process by selecting the drop down list. Then select the processes you wish to add to your account by checking the box next to the process. You can use the “Select All” option to add all of the processes on the list. 

Note: If the process already exists in your Sub Functions, then the process will be grayed out and you won’t be able to add it again to your process list. 

Note: If you hover over the process title you will see the objective of the process. There is no way to see what is in the entire process other then to add it to your process list.

Note: If you add a library process and then delete it from your process list, it will be added back to the library and can be downloaded again.

Accessing PreWritten Processes