Introduction: Learn how to delete a process from a Sub Function list.

Step 1: Click and hold the process you wish to delete then drag it above the red “Delete” button. 

Step 2: When the “Delete” button turns green, you can release the process, to delete it.


Note: If you try to delete a process that has process tools attached to it or that is linked to a job description, you will see a security message.

If the process has process tools attached to it, you will have to go into the process tool’s page for the process you are trying to delete, and delete each of the process tools for the process.

For more help with deleting process tools, go to Deleting Process Tools.

If the Process is linked to a Job Description you can go to the process tools page for that process and view the job descriptions that are linked to that process. Using the “Link to Job Description” tool bar item, you can see all the Job Descriptions linked to that process. Then you may click on one of the positions listed and remove it for the Job Description page.