Introduction: Learn how to run a report in Control Panel and Management Review using the Reports tab in Touchstone.

Step 1: Select the Reports tab from the top of any Touchstone page.

Step 2: Select whether you would like to run the report in Management Review or Control Panel.

Step 3: Select which criteria you would like to runt he search for. There are 5 options. You can choose one, multiple, or none to run a report for all processes.

  1. Start Date: Select a month, date, and/or year to search after that date.
  2. End Date: Select a month, date, and/or year to search before that date.
  3. Save As: Type in a title for a specific process to run a report for that process.
  4. Position: Select a specific position from your Org Chart to run a report for that position.
  5. Process Tool Type: Select a specific process tool type to run a report for that process tool type.

Step 4: Select [Run Report].

(Note: It may take a while to run and load the report. Do not navigate away from the screen.)

Step 5: A pop-up screen will appear with the results of your report. The top shows a pie chart of quantities of each process tool type. If you scroll down, you will see all of the process tool titles that were completed or trained within the results of your report.

Step 6: You can click any of the titles of the process tools to be taken to the Control Panel or Management Review for that completed or trained process tool.